Why Rent

Apson can help by crafting a rental option tailored to your exact requirements and needs. It can be a pure rental, where you have already lined up the vendors you wish to use for supply, install and support your equipment, and you are just looking for a rental partner to manage the financial aspect of your equipment. You can also turn to us if you need any additional service.

Below are some of the more sought after benefits a rental solution offers you.

IT Benefits (CIO) Financial Benefits
Fast delivery of equipment No large cash outlay
Up-to-date technology No depreciation
On-site maintenance Hedge against inflation
Flexibility – match computers to business needs Improve against ratios
Upgrade and add-on at any time Tax benefits
IT departments can focus on core-issues Improve balance sheet gearing
Software on demand Free working capital
Rental payments are flexible
Asset tracking and asset management
Administration time is slashed
Reduced risk

Rental vs. purchase

" Leasing equipment has long been a popular means of reducing business costs "
  Cash Purchase Rental
Payments Payment is always upfront, and in full. Payments are fixed and can be spread over the useful life of the equipment. This is in the customer’s advantage.
Disposal of Equipment The owner is responsible for the disposal of the equipment. The disposal has some associated costs (not too small). The rental company is responsible for the disposal of the equipment once it is returned. Customers don’t have to worry about disposal.
Ownership Aspects of ownership, as well as the risks associated with ownership lie with the organization. Risks of ownership lie with the rental company, not the customer. No need to worry!
Obsolescence The owner is forced to accept any decrease of the equipment’s value. All risks associated with equipment obsolescence and depreciation lie with the rental company. Again, no need to worry!
Taxation Owner may claim a tax deduction All Rental Payments are tax deductible over the period of the rental term.
Upgrade There is no upgrade facility in place. Upgrading is impossible or very hard. An upgrade facility may be available at any time during the rental period. All you have to do is ask.